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Educational Assessment

Educational Assessment is a specialty service provided by a licensed psychologist to provide patients with an understanding of intellectual and developmental functioning as it relates to achievement abilities.  Education assessments are aimed at identifying strengths and weaknesses in reading, math, and writing, as well as abilities related to attention, concentration, and executive functioning.  Disorders such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Social Communication, and other cognitive and emotional difficulties are identified through the administration and interpretation of standardized psychological tests and other diagnostic information-gathering techniques. PILV has a team of licensed psychologists and psychometrists who are experienced in providing a thorough diagnostic assessment that goes beyond the concerns related to specific learning outcomes because we understand the impact of other mental, social, and medical factors that may contribute to one’s personal achievement and daily functioning. 


Unlike other standardized assessments within a school-based setting, a licensed clinical psychologist at PILV has the expertise to also assess symptoms of social anxiety, test anxiety, reactive trauma, depression, chronic medical conditions, and various types of neurodiversity and neurodevelopmental difficulties that may also be impacting an individual’s educational and/or work-related achievements. 

Once an assessment is completed, a written report is provided which includes an explanation of the testing and an interpretation of results, all of which provides a better understanding of a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses and prognosis for the future.  At PILV our reports are thorough and comprehensive and include recommendations for the future.  Our goal is to provide our patients with accurate and useful information so individuals can be better informed and then better able to self-advocate for their achievement needs and access accommodations in an academic and/or employment setting. 

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