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Neuropsychological Evaluation

At The Psychology Institute of Las Vegas, PLLC, (PILV) we make every effort to provide our patients with an assessment/evaluation process that is individualized to meet each person’s needs.  Our Neuropsychological assessment services are aimed to assist patients, families, and other health providers with more effective and accurate diagnostic approaches and can significantly assist with the future treatment planning for a variety of psychological and medical conditions. Neuropsychological assessments include an extensive interview process and the administration of standardized psychological tests. Neuropsychological assessments are only available to licensed psychologists, or supervised psychometrists, who are trained to assess strengths and weaknesses in cognitive and emotional functioning such as intellectual functioning, executive function, language development, memory functioning, academic achievement, personality traits, and levels of emotional distress.


At PILV, our patients benefit from our Team Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment. The PILV Assessment Team is structured around a group of licensed clinical psychologists, and trained/certified psychometrists, who meet weekly to collaborate on all cases which allows patients to benefit from our team of experts who have a variety of individual specialties including, neurodevelopmental, neurocognitive, and specific learning disorders. Through the use of a variety of standardized psychological tests, the PILV Assessment Team can help answer the questions that have brought you in for an assessment.  Assessment questions generally concern learning disabilities, academic functioning, personality functioning, level of disability impairment, degree of memory loss and/or can help identify coping styles and make recommendations based on quantitative information.  

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